Eduard 1/48th Mig-21 Fishbed, Egyptian A.F.

About as good a model as I've ever had the pleasure of building! Makes me feel much the same as the Tamiya Spitfire IX did. . I look for excuses to go to the bench to do stuff with it! As the first build I'm working out any foibles of the kit as I go for future reference. There's not much to say really! Eduard's investment in new machine tools is paying off in spades, this is a remarkably precise model,  in fact much like a Tamiya kit it's inherent precision can be the modeller's downfall if not careful. Getting the fit of one part wrong could throw out further fits down the line so care is needed. The area behind the speed brake insert needed filling, but with a little finessing I'm sure it could be avoided in the future. I've followed the wing assembly as shown in the instructions, adding the lower one part to the fuselage before adding the uppers. In future (or certainly for the next one as a test!) I'll assemble the wings completely before adding to the fuselage, I have a feeling it will be perfectly doable, and means that I can deal with the wing join on the leading edges before fitting, and thereby only have the fuselage/wing join to worry about, which I suspect may allow me to do away with that line of Surfacer with some judicious clamping! (In fact that's Tamiya putty thinned with Mr Color thinner applied with a  brush - thicker than Mr Surfacer I prefer it for many jobs). Same for the lower ventral fin - some fitting and sanding may prevent it needing any filler at all in future. Just a few overall shots, a couple day's work to this point. Vertical fin and spine fit is SUPER precise!

After sanding the tank joins the raised weld seams were restored by masking and using thinned Tamiya Basic Putty

April 6th 2011
Painting commences. The areas that have to be orange were undercoated with Halfords white plastci primer decanted and sprayed through my Iwata HP-C+ airbrush. Then Gunze H-59 Orange was sprayed onto these areas. I have gone for a reasonably patchy finsh, as these would be somewhat sun-bleached and worn in service is my assumption! Once the Orange was dry the areas to remain orange were carefully masked and then the black outlines were sprayed with Mr Color black with some white added to make it slightly grey. Then all masking was removed to check for paint creep etc, of which I am glad to say there is none. More tomorrow hopefully.

12th April 2011
Basic painting done, Mr Color masked with blu-tak for the most part. Some touch ups and details need to be done yet, but pretty happy with how it's looking.


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